Redefine – rebuild – reconnect with the real you with my transformational coaching

I’m a mother, a wife, daughter, sister, friend and a Transformation life coach.

As a woman, your world can get crowded with overwhelming lists and the pressure to do all  the things and do them well. You see, someone raised the bar so high that you felt you had to excel. You can easily get stuck in the feeling of not doing enough and that is a part of the culture we live in. Women have been held up to a high standard of expectation as a wife and mother for a long time along and if you are a career woman it only gets crazier. Nothing you do ever seems enough. Somedays you are scared to face tomorrow.

I get it. I’ve been there and one fine day I said to myself That’s it! Whether you’re a mother, a young or senior professional, or an empty-nester… it is alright to feel lost. What matters is that you have to want to find yourself again and that is the first step to reconnect with yourself. If you are ready for that journey let us get started.

Coaching is right for you if…

Are you dealing with difficult situations?

  • Thinking about a career change, but don’t know where to start?
  • Moving to a new place and looking for support with your transition?
  • Trying to improve your relationships with family and friends?
  • You have lost the confidence you need to live your best life.
  • Struggling to find a partner or get over a breakup?
  • You have entered a new relationship – It could be a life partner, a significant other, new friends in a new location or a new workplace.
  • You feel lost in your current season of life (such as motherhood, caring for elderly family members) and can’t see your future.
  • You’re constantly overwhelmed with a never-ending to-do list or lost in the “this is what I have to do”.
  • A lot of times you seem to be living in shame or blame around your body or yourself, or you let it hold you back from living your life. You know there’s a spiritual connection inside, but you can’t seem to find it. You need a calming presence to see you, hear you, and help you reach your true self. You want to live your dream but are unable to find the time or drive to do what you need to do.

If your answer is yes to anyone of these then go ahead and click this button to find out more.

Connect with me and together we will create a vision for you.

Allow the fires of transformation to burn away all that doesn’t serve you.

Heather Ash Amara

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