What is coaching?

In a Nutshell

Coaching helps you reach your highest potential by figuring out exactly what you want and designing and taking strategic action to make it happen.

Sounds Awesome. More details…

I’m here to help you get unstuck and play not just bigger, but also better. Our work may focus on one area of your life in particular, such as your career, your relationships, or your home, or it may focus on multiple areas of your life.

Together, we’ll get you from where you are today to where you want to go (even if you’re not sure where that is yet!). My clients get crystal clear on who they really are and what they really want (as opposed to who or what they or other people think they should be or want) so that they are truly living their lives “on purpose.”

Coaching challenges you to focus time and energy to actually DO what you want and need to do, and gives you the clarity, support, confidence, motivation, and accountability you need to create the life you want. We’ll design a plan together, based on your values, goals, and dreams, and then break that plan down into small, manageable steps. Our partnership will help you follow through on those steps, break through obstacles that sabotage you and keep you stuck, and keep moving toward the career, relationships, and life you love. If needed I will nidge you or give you a gentle shove but I will hold your hand throughout.

Here’s something super-important: When we’re making big changes, we need both reflection and action to succeed. Too often, people get stuck in one without the other. My coaching process is designed to make sure you are doing both effectively, so you’re not stuck in paralysis by analysis or overwhelm or procrastination, but you’re also not just jumping on the conveyor belt of life, acting by default, and letting life’s curveballs pull you off-track.

Just coming here was a brave decision for you to make — you are going to accomplish a LOT!—but my clients tell me it’s fun, too. We’ll find the humor and joy in the journey. And we’ll get you moving immediately towards the life you want to live—so you’ll start building momentum and seeing improvements very soon. What all can we work on:

  • Relationships
  • Parenting
  • Career
  • Health and physical changes
  • Mid life crisis
  • Or anything YOU feel is important

One on One coaching

I work with my clients, privately, in either a 6-month or 9-month journey. Together, we will determine which is right for you.

As a private client, each session is unique to you. We dive deep into what you bring to the table and find what is at the root of where you may be stuck in your life, and what is it that you desire most. As you experience breakthroughs in these sessions, you will also receive tools to take consistent action toward breakthroughs, allowing for transformation to happen.

If you are ready for some soul searching and reshaping your outlook, book a discovery call to see if we are a fit to work together. You’ll learn the flow of the sessions, all bonuses and gifts, and the investment for this journey. Book your complimentary discovery call and let us embark on the road to fulfilment.

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Talks & Workshops

Sharing a message of hope with you empowers you to leave behind primitive and obsolete mindsets, stories and things they “should” do, and instead choose courage, acceptance, and move beyond that thought that is holding them back. Through individual talks and workshops, I teach my clients how to find their voice, learn and unlearn what works for positive growth, eliminate feelings of guilt and shame, rebuild a a great life, rekindle their love for life, and shine bright. Having these sessions with me will inspire and support you to reconnect with your lost passions and dreams. Whether you are a home maker or a career woman you will find that these sessions will show life in a new light.

Group Programs

Group programs, events and workshops happen several times a year. To stay in the know and receive further details on when these occur, please join us here so we can keep in touch.

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What coaching is not

  1. Therapy: Coaching is not a replacement for therapy or counseling. If you require consultation of a clinical psychologist or a therapist then please consult one.
  2. A magic wand to make your troubles go away: A coach does not tell you what to do. I do not give quick fix solutions. I want this to be a process of looking inward to drive change with a lasting impact. I will empower you to create goals for yourself.
  3. I am not a mentor: Mentors mould mentees in a certain way based on their own life experiences and learning. I will empower you to find out what works best for you.
  4. I am not a judge: I won’t form an opinion of you based on your past or your life choices. Coaching doesn’t work that way.
  5. Life coaching are not BFFs: Coaches do not become your BFFs. We may share a good rapport and camaraderie but I will respect your boundaries and keep in professional.
PC- Vasanti Lagali-Jirge.

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